Room and Rate Information
Photo of the House Front About the House
The house has been designed to reflect a country style farm house with a covered deck which surrounds three sides so that guests may sit and enjoy the view of the country side.
Photo of the Oregon Trail Room The Oregon Trail Room
This guest room commemorates the history of the Oregon Trail. Antiques, door coverings, curtains, and a map of the Oregon Trail reflect a major route used in the settling of the land.
Photo of the Coastal Room The Coastal Room
This room celebrates and reflects Oregon's geographic location to water and the sea and Portland's pride as an international port of call.
Photo of the Rose Room The Rose Room
This room celebrates Portland's affinity for beautiful gardens and roses. Victorian period furniture and splashes of roses fill this room with a "rosy" cheer.
Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast
17290 SW Alvord Lane | Beaverton, OR 97007