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Harold and Margaret at the falls.

Somewhere in the recesses of Margaret’s mind, a little idea kept popping up. After reading about people owning bed and breakfasts, she became intrigued with the idea. As the days passed, the idea kept rumbling around in her brain occasionally surfacing to say “hello”. Harold, an electronics engineer who retired from Motorola in 2001 was happily working in his woodworking shop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Margaret, an Occupational Health Nurse was still working at ON Semiconductor.

Working in the semiconductor industry, she had been observing the effects of the extreme pressure on people working in that environment. In today’s culture, stressful life styles abound even to high activity vacationing which only added to more stress. She observed that people were either forgetting or had never learned how to relax and enjoy relaxing vacations.

About that time their daughter and son-in law, living in Oregon, began to suggest that they move to Oregon to be a part of their lives and not Grandparents in absentia. Harold began to suggest that maybe it was time for Margaret to begin thinking about when she too would retire. However, Margaret wanted to retire to something, not from something.

Over the following months, not only was a business idea beginning to develop, but also a plan to create a peaceful atmosphere where people could come, relax, appreciate a peaceful quiet environment which would allow them to rejuvenate and reacquaint themselves, with God, family and themselves.

Several years were spent hunting for a house or a property each time they went to visit the area. They spent a lot of time looking at houses, but each house had problems and most bedrooms were too small. Finally they decided that remodeling and renovating a house would cost as much if not more than building, so they began to concentrate on looking for a piece of property.

In 2003, a 2 ¼ acre parcel of land was found at the base of Cooper Mountain in Washington County, across from the Cooper Mountain Vineyards at gateway to the Williamette valley wine country. The site was also nicely located just 15 minutes from the mall and Max light rail stations, and 45 minutes from the Spruce Goose.

Using the floor plan of their house in Scottsdale, Margaret and Harold drew up their dream layout for the bed and breakfast. Additional upgrades, changes, and special touches were added to customize the desgin specifically for a bed and breakfast. After a lengthy search for a builder, one was found one who would work with them and allow them to put in sweat equity.

Building began in summer of 2005. Harold went up to oversee the building and soon found that commuting back and forth from Scottsdale to Portland was costly. In September of 2005, he took the first load of household goods and towed his car to Portland.

Expecting a lengthy selling process, the house in Scottsdale was put up for sale. However, the house sold in 3 days. Margaret retired and they officially moved to Portland on February 1, 2006.

The house was completed enough for them to be able to move in on December 26, 2006. The first two rooms were completed by January of 2008 and opened for guests in March of that year. With the help of their youngest son, a web site and marketing plan were put together and Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast was open for business.

The owner's suite was completed in March of 2009 which allowed the Rose Room to be completed for guests by May of that year. Work on the library began in January of 2010 and now provides guests with a cozy, quiet place to to read their own book or choose something from the library shelves.

The gardens and outside areas have been an ongoing activity during the summers when the weather has permitted gardening. In the summer of 2010, a pergola in the back yard, the front sidewalk, retaining wall, and light posts were completed.

After proudly exceeding the requirements of Portland Metropolitan Innkeepers Association and passing the stringent inspections of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild, Harold and Margaret became members of both organizations and joined addtional social comunities such as Bed & Breakfast.com becoming active members of the bed and breakfast community in Oregon.


They have been blessed to meet many interesting people from many international locations including Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada and Israel as well as many wonderful visitors from throughout the United States. The opportunity to rekindle old friendships has also occurred after the bed and breakfast was featured in their Calvin College Spark Alumni magazine.

Their next big project will be to finish the recreation room with built-in kitchenette and possibly, an extended stay guest room.

Thank you for reading about the Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast. Harold and Margaret look forward to hosting many guests including you. They are looking forward to providing a wonderful experience in the country with great breakfasts, and the time to enjoy the birds and wildlife that also frequent the Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast.

--Harold and Margaret
Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast
17290 SW Alvord Lane | Beaverton, OR 97007


Email: info@cornerstonebedandbreakfast.com