About Us

Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast was opened for business in 2008. We are located on 2 ¼ acres of quiet country  just outside of Beaverton, Oregon yet close to many attractions and minutes from the Portland zoo and downtown Portland. We are located just at the gateway to the beautiful vineyards and wineries of the Williamette Valley.

When we started planning our Bed & Breakfast, our goal  was to provide guests with a pleasant, memorable experience during their stay in our guest rooms including comfort from the food, room even down to linens on their beds.

We looked for quality bedding, and several brands of sheets were purchased and tried. As B & B owners, most of our issues centered around ease of care and appearance on the beds. Our desire was to have a bed that was appealing and comfortable.

Two of our biggest  issues were the time needed to iron sheets that seemed to wrinkle even when taken straight from the dryer to the bed and the other issue was staining caused by oils and creams.

At one of our Innkeeper association meetings, one the other B &B owners  arrived excited extolling the virtues of a new product she had found that was wrinkle free and are treated for stain resistance.  She advised us all that she had gotten rid of all of her sheets and bought only Comphy Sheets and dismissed the girl she had ironing all of her sheets.  In addition to that they felt great and were great to sleep on.

So we decided to order a “test set” for our room and see if they were as good as declared.

The sheets felt so soft, their breathability afforded a cool comfortable rest and the fitted sheet had an 18 inch pocket which was great for fit.  The elastic is a heavier duty quality than found on the typical fitted sheet that really holds the sheets well and the wrinkles were  a thing of the past.

We were sold.  We bought new sheets for our guest rooms and have been most satisfied with their quality.

Our guests continue to compliment about the sheets and even ask about how they too can purchase them.

In 2010, Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast became an authorized distributor for Comphy sheets and sold to the guests  we hosted at the B & B and we are now able with an online store available for anyone who is interested in purchasing quality comfort sheets.  After all you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, why not be Comphy?

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